Biological Soil Amendments of Animal Origin

Session 1: Overview of Biological Soil Amendments of Animal Origin (BSAAO) and the Produce Safety Rule (PSR)

a. Introduction to the BSAAO series:

b. Risks associated with the application of BSAAOs:

c. The Produce Safety Rule and BSAAO:

d. CDFA Produce Safety Program inspection observations and Q&A:

BSAAO Session 2: Compost

a. Impact of using compost on soil health:

b. Composting organic materials in California:

c. Compost production and troubleshooting:

d. Use of untreated and treated BSAAO in FSMA PSR:

BSAAO Session 3: Soil amendments containing ingredients of animal origin

a. BSAAO impacts on soil fertility:

b. Ingredients of animal origin in soil amendments and associated risks:

c. Agricultural teas and associated risks:

d. Rotational grazing and food safety risks: