Starting a Food Business


  • How to Start a Food Business (FDA) 
  • Virtual Labs (A collaboration of USDA, South Dakota State University, North Dakota State University and New Mexico State University) Virtual simulations (using Adobe Flash Player) cover basic laboratory techniques and practice methods that may be of interest to small food industry owners.    

California - Resources for Processing Foods

The following California organizations have collaborated on the new resources below for small-scale farmers and processors on how to produce your product safely and in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations: Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), University of California Department of Food Science & Technology (UC Davis FST), UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) and the Western Regional Center for Food Safety (WRCEFS).

Cottage Foods 


Co-packers are food processors that have extra manufacturing capacity and offer their services for a fee. This is often an attractive option for people starting in the food business. The product and its package must be matched to the co-packer and its available equipment. Co-packers often offer additional services such as product development (often critical to scaling up the volume of product produced), label review, and regulatory compliance.

Food Entrepreneur Programs

Food Grade Materials

Food Packaging

Food & Packaging Waste

Food Properties

Product Development