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UC Food Safety
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UC Food Safety


Better Process Control Schools

HACCP Training Programs

  • University of California, Davis, University Extension
    The Food Processors Institute (FPI) offers basic HACCP and advanced HACCP courses through UC Davis Extension once per year in October or November. FPI instructors have a wealth of experience in HACCP training. The course is designed to meet the requirements of USDA, FDA Seafood and FDA Juice HACCP regulations and is applicable to any other type of food processing.
  • Grocery Manufacturers Association 
    The Grocery Manufacturers Association (formerly National Food Processors Association) Food Safety Programs Department offers many general, industry specific, basic and advanced HACCP courses across the country each year.
  • International HACCP Alliance
    The International HACCP Alliance maintains information about training opportunities.
  • The National Meat Association
    The National Meat Association provides HACCP training specific to the meat and poultry industry. Contact the National Meat Association. Phone: (510) 763-1533
  • North Carolina State University 
    The North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service offers distance education courses in HACCP
  • Seafood HACCP Alliance (Oregon State University)
  • Seafood HACCP Alliance (Association of Food and Drug Officials)
    The seafood HACCP Alliance provides training and training materials specific to the seafood industry. Lists of upcoming courses are provided.

Juice HACCP Training Programs

Other Training


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