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Research and Extension faculty at UC Davis, Drs. Linda Harris and Trevor Suslow, welcome you to the University of California Food Safety website. Link to presentations, publications, and websites related to the production, harvest and processing of foods. The emphasis is microbial food safety but food biotechnology, food quality, and food security are also addressed.

Newly Added to Website - February 2016

Agricultural Water

The Produce Safety Rule (PSR) requires growers to initially establish a Microbial Water Quality Profile (MWQP) for each untreated surface agricultural water source and conduct annual surveys for that water source in subsequent years. The water quality profile is based on the levels of generic E. coli in your agricultural water.

The initial MWQP must be established with a minimum of 20 water samples collected as close to harvest as possible over a period of at least 2 to a maximum of 4 years. Geometric mean (GM) and Statistical Threshold Value (STV) are calculated from these 20 samples (minimum). The GM and STV are your MWQP and should be compared to the microbial quality criteria provided in the Produce Safety Rule.

These tools were developed to make it easy to calculate the GM and STV and to determine if your water meets the standards for unrestricted application to produce before harvest. The tools were also designed to assist you with making food safety management decisions if your water does not meet the standards in the proposed rule.

More information on the Produce Safety Rule and agricultural water can be found here: 

Quality control of wastewater for irrigated crop production (FAO, United Nations)

Here are three tools:

Added December 2015

Food safety information for nuts and nut products - all updated 12-08-15

Added November 2015


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