UC Publications

UC Publications

UC Food Safety in the Kitchen Publications
Several publications on food safety for the consumer.

UC Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) A selection of publications by Trevor Suslow, UC Davis Cooperative Extension Specialist Emeritus, on the key points of control and management of microbial food safety as part of the management plan of good agricultural practices for produces, handlers and processors of edible horticultural crops.

UC Home Preservation and Storage Publications Up-to-date publications on preservation methods such as freezing and canning are available from the University of California.

UC Postharvest Handling
A selection of publications by Trevor Suslow, a UC Davis Cooperative Extension Specialist, whose research focus is on postharvest control of microbial decay and spoilage. The emphasis of these publications is on disinfection of edible horticultural crops and guidelines for controlling Listeria monocytogenes.

UC Spanish Publications

Refereed Journal and Peer-Reviewed Publications

Dr. Erin L. DiCaprio

Dr. Linda J. Harris