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Populations at Risk for Foodborne Illness

Some consumers are more susceptible to foodborne illness and may experience more severe symptoms. This group of consumers includes young children, older adults, pregnant women, and persons with illnesses that affect the immune system. This page has information on reducing foodborne illness in at-risk populations and on microorganisms that are more likely to affect at-risk groups.

Young Children

  • "Don't Give Kids a Tummy Ache" Spanish and English CD is directed towards parents and other caregivers of young children. The curriculum is on a CD and includes English and Spanish lesson plans, pre/post quizzes, handouts, and 19 full color visuals. The visuals can be used as a PowerPoint presentation or printed out to be used as a flipchart or as overhead transparencies.

The program is a fun & interactive way to teach food safety to those who care for young children. This program was adapted from the Penn State curriculum "Safe Foods--It's Up to You" and has been piloted tested for effectiveness.

The cost of the CD is $20. Order from:
University of California
ANR Communication Services
6701 San Pablo Ave.
Oakland, CA 94608-1239

Individuals with Immune Deficiencies

Older Adults

Pregnant Women

Ordering Information:  (summarized below) or Order online here

The cost of the program is $45.  Order item CFS-720.
Spanish Version (handouts only):
CFS-270S - Cost $5
Order by mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail (or online, above):
Ag Comm -MDC
Purdue University
1187 Service Building
West Lafayette IN 47907-1187
Phone: (765)494-6794 or 1-888-EXT-INFO
Fax: (765) 496-1540


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