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UC Food Safety
University of California
UC Food Safety

Sanitation and Safety

3M Microbiology Products (International),

Airgas Safety Products (National), 


Aquionics, Inc. (Kentucky),

Austin Food Tech, Inc. (California), 


Best Sanitizers (California),

Biotest Diagnostics Corp. (New Jersey),

Brevis (Utah),

Cardinal Products (California & Illinois), 


Charles River (International), 


Charm Sciences, Inc. (Massachusetts),
Clark Pest Control (California),

Copesan Services (Wisconsin),

Covance (International),
Crane Pest Control (California),


Creative Safety Supply (Oregon),

DFA of California (California), 

Ecolab, Inc. (International),

Glo Germ Company (Utah),

Hardy Diagnostics (National),

HelioJET Cleaning Technologies, Inc. (Connecticut),

HyGenius (Maryland), 


IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (Maine & Int'l),

Industrial Fumigant Company (National), 


Meritech, Inc. (North America),

MGM Instruments, Inc. (Connecticut),

Millipore Corp. (Massachusetts),

Nelson Jameson, Inc. (Wisconsin),

Neogen Corporation (Michigan),

New Horizons Diagnostics Corp. (Maryland),

NSF (International), (International),

Pulse Instruments (California),

Richard Stier (California),

Shepard Bros., Inc. (California),

Spraying Systems Co. (International),

The HACCP Institute (San Ramon, California and Chicago), Philip Blagoyevich,  925-820-3558 


Univar (International), 

Western Exterminator Company (AZ, NV, & CA),

World Dryer (National),

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