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UC Food Safety
University of California
UC Food Safety

Nutritional Labeling

A&L Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (National & Mexico),

Anresco, Inc. (California),

Austin Food Tech, Inc. (California), 

Bayview Consulting Group (California), 

Certified Laboratories, Inc. (National), 

Covance Laboratories, Inc. (International),

ESHA Research (Oregon),

Eurofins Scientific, Inc. (International),

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (Maine & International),

Mad Will’s Food Company (California),

Merieux NutriSciences (International), 

NutriData (Nationwide),

Palate Works (California),

Product Solutions Research, Inc. (California),

rtech Laborabories (Land O'Lakes) (Minnesota), 

SCS Global Services (International),


The National Food Laboratory (California), 

Wine Country Kitchens (California),

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