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UC Food Safety
University of California
UC Food Safety

Low-Moisture Food Pasteurization

Agri-Neo (Canada), 

Balchem (National), 

BioSteam (Egypt & Italy): and 

Bühler Barth GmbH (Germany),

Cosmed Group/Sterilization & Fumigation Services (California Treatment Facility),

Cosmed Group/Baltimore Quality Assurance (Maryland Treatment Facilty),

Cosmed Group/ETO Sterilization (New Jersey Treatment Facilty),

Cosmed Group (Rhode Island Corporate Headquarters),

KOCO, Inc. (Maryland),

Log5 Foodtech (Maryland),

Imtech Steri (Switzerland),

JBT Corporation (Sandusky, Ohio, US), 

Napasol AG (Switzerland),

Napasol North America LLC (Fargo, North Dakota),

REVTECH (France),

Safesteril (France),

Spice Home Company (International), 

Steripure (France),

WebbJames (Egypt & Italy), 

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