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UC Food Safety
University of California
UC Food Safety

Lab Analysis

AEMTEK Laboratories (California), 

AGQ Labs and Technological Services (California & International), 

Anresco, Inc. (California),

CMC-IEH Inc. (Walnut Creek, California), contact Al Branch at: or 925-949-0562

Certified Laboratories, Inc. (National), 

Covance Laboratories, Inc. (International),

DFA of California (California),

EMSL Analytical (Multiple States), or 

Environmental Micro Analysis (California),

Eurofins Scientific, Inc. (International),

IEH Food & Dairy Laboratories (Fresno, California, + all National IEH locations): 


Merieux NutriSciences (International),  


Microbac (National), 


NSF (Michigan),


Nutridata (California), 

Potatoes NB (Canada), (International),


rtech Laborabories (Land O'Lakes) (Minnesota), 


SCS Global Services (International), 

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