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UC Food Safety
University of California
UC Food Safety


Accurate Ingredients Inc. (California & New York), 

ADM (International),    


Ajinomoto (International), 


Ashland (International), 

Beta Pure Foods (California), 

Blue Diamond Growers (California), 

California Dried Plum Board (California), 

California Fig Advisory Board (California), 


California Oils Corporation (California), 


Capay Canyon Ranch (California), 


Cargill Foods (International), 


ConAgra Foods (National), 


David Michael and Co., Inc. (International), 


Dehydrates, Inc. (National), 


Delta Spiceworks (International), 


Desert King (California), 


ESHA Research (Oregon), 


Farmer's Rice Cooperative (California), 


First Spice Mixing Co, Inc. (National), 

Flavor Producers, Inc. (FPI), (U.S. & Canada), 


Full-Flav-R Food Products Co, Inc. (California), 


Giusto's Vita-Grain (California), 

Harry's Fresh Foods (Oregon), 


Ingredion (National), 


Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc. (International), 


Mariani Packing Co, Inc. (California), 


Mooney Farms (California), 


Morton Salt (National), 


Sensient (International), 


TIC Gums, Inc. (Maryland), 


Tripper, Inc. (International), 


Univar (National), 


Vegetable Juices, Inc. (National), 


Z Specialty Food, LLC (National), 


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