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 Information on Using a Co-Packer

Co-packers are food processors that have extra manufacturing capacity and offer their services for a fee. This is often an attractive option for people starting in the food business. The product and its package must be matched to the co-packer and its available equipment. Co-packers often offer additional services such as product development (often critical to scaling up the volume of product produced), label review, and regulatory compliance.

Co-Packers (Mostly California)

Ajinomoto, North America, Inc. (Illinois, North Carolina), http://www.ajinomoto-usa.com/ 

Aaron Thomas Company, Inc. (California, Illinois, Tennessee), http://www.packaging.com/ 

Austin Food Tech (California),http://www.lawsonline.com/

Bell-Carter Packaging (California),  http://www.bcpackaging.com

Bell Food & Beverage, Inc. (Oregon), bellfoodsintl.com 

Bella Viva Orchards (California),  http://www.bellaviva.com

Blossom Valley Foods (California),  http://www.blossomvalleyfoods.com

Caffe Del Mar (California),  http://www.caffedelmar.com

Cappucine (California), http://www.cappuccine.net/

Ceylon Teas, Inc. (California),  http://www.ceylonteas.com

Eclectic Cookery (California), http://www.eclecticcookery.com/ 

E. Waldo Ward & Son (California),  http://www.waldoward.com

Esco Foods (California), http://www.escofoods.com/ 

Frank's Famous Foods, Inc.  (California), (925) 284-7905, franksfamousfoods@hotmail.com  (Verified March 2016)

George Chiala Farms, Inc. (California),  http://www.gcfarmsinc.com

Gil's Gourmet Gallery (California),  http://www.gilsgourmet.com

Gimbal Fine Candies (California),  http://www.gimbalscandy.com

Kitchentown (California), http://www.kitchentowncentral.com/

Kozlowski Farms - (California),  http://www.kozlowskifarms.com

Maryland Packaging (Maryland), http://marylandpackaging.com/ 

Michael’s Cookies Inc. (California),  http://www.michaelscookies.com

Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, Inc. (New Jersey, Ohio),  https://mifiusa.com/ 

Mooney Farms - Bella Sun Luci (California),  http://www.mooneyfarms.com

Mrs. Leeper’s Pasta Inc. (California),  http://www.mrsleepers.com

National Foodworks Services, LLC (Illinois) http://www.nationalfoodworks.com/ 

Nature's Habit (California), http://www.natureshabit.com/ 

Pacific Choice Brands (California),  http://www.pacificchoice.com

Radich Bor-do-lay, Inc. (California),  http://www.bordolay.com

RW Garcia Co. Inc. (California),  http://www.rwgarcia.com

Santa Barbara Olive Co., Inc. (California),  http://www.sbolive.com

Santini Foods, Inc. (California),  http://www.santinifoods.com

Sonoma Gourmet (California), https://www.sonomagourmet.com/  

Stapleton-Spence Packing Company (California), http://www.stapleton-spence.com/index.php   

Thatcher's Gourmet Popcorn (California),  http://www.tgsp.com

The Graceful Cookie (California), http://www.thegracefulcookie.com/chefs 

Timber Crest Farms (California),  http://www.timbercrest.com

Traina Foods (California), http://www.traina.com/ 

Triple H Food Processors (California), https://goo.gl/maps/hDnkYEU7vK72  

Tulkoff Foods, Inc. (California), http://www.tulkoff.com/ 

Valley Lahvosh Baking Co. (California),  http://www.valleylahvosh.com

Vegetable Juices, Inc.  (California), http://www.vegetablejuices.com/ 

Ventura Foods (California), http://www.venturafoods.com/ 

West Coast Co-Packer (Oregon), http://westcoastcopacker.com/ 


Wine Country Kitchens (California),  http://www.winecountrykitchens.com

Z Specialty Food, LLC dba Moon Shine Trading Co, Island of the Moon Apiaries, Cowboy Caviar (California), www.zspecialtyfood.com & www.facebook.com/zspecialtyfood

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