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Information on Using a Co-Packer

Co-packers are food processors that have extra manufacturing capacity and offer their services for a fee. This is often an attractive option for people starting in the food business. The product and its package must be matched to the co-packer and its available equipment. Co-packers often offer additional services such as product development (often critical to scaling up the volume of product produced), label review, and regulatory compliance.

Co-Packers (Mostly California)

Bell-Carter Packaging (California),

Bella Viva Orchards (California),

Blossom Valley Foods (California),

Caffe Del Mar (California),

Ceylon Teas, Inc. (California),

Charlottes Confections (California),

E. Waldo Ward & Son (California),

George Chiala Farms, Inc. (California),

Gil's Gourmet Gallery (California),

Gimbal Fine Candies (California),

Heaven Scent Natural Foods (California),


Kitchentown (California),

Kozlowski Farms - (California),

Michael’s Cookies Inc. (California),

Mitsubishi International Corp. (New York),

Mooney Farms (California),

Mrs. Leeper’s Pasta Inc. (California),

Pacific Choice Brands (California),

Paris Pastry, Inc. (California),

Preserve Sonoma (California),

Purveyor's Kitchen (formerly Mad Will's) (California) 

Radich Bor-do-lay, Inc. (California),

RW Garcia Co. Inc. (California),

Santa Barbara Olive Co., Inc. (California),

Santini Foods, Inc. (California),

Thatcher's Gourmet Popcorn (California),

Timber Crest Farms (California),

Triple H Food Processors (California),

Tulocay Foods (California),

Valley Lahvosh Baking Co. (California),

Wine Country Kitchens (California),

Z Specialty Food, LLC dba Moon Shine Trading Co, Island of the Moon Apiaries, Cowboy Caviar (California), &

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