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Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness

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  • Center for Produce Safety – Research Database
  • Maryland’s Center for Food Safety and Security Systems:
    • Bibliographies and reference citation databased in the area of microbial food safety, compiled by Dr. Robert L. Buchanan, are now available through  The databases are organized in 12 files according to the main subject matter such as risk assessment, seafood, HACCP, Listeria monocytogenes, etc.  Once downloaded, the databases can be searched, queried, and used to develop reports using the capabilities available within Microsoft Access.  The databases are updated approximately every quarter.  To check the CFS3 literature database go to:

Resources for the Hearing Impaired

  • SignFSIS SignFSIS video-casts in American Sign Language featuring text-captioning are designed to inform deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers about foodborne illness and raise the level of awareness of the dangers associated with impropoer handling and undercooking of food.

Resources in Spanish

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