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Free Online Course: Balancing Food Safety and Sustainability – Opportunities for Co-Management

Free ANR Online Course 

Balancing food safety and sustainability goals is a vital goal of produce industry management throughout the supply chain. On their farms, growers are active stewards of the land, protecting soil and water quality as well as supporting wildlife populations by preserving their habitat. At the same time, growers must ensure that their crops are free from contamination that can cause foodborne illnesses. Food safety professionals can support the process of co-managing for both food safety and sustainability by recognizing and understanding management practices they see in the production environment. 

Balancing Food Safety and Sustainability: Opportunities for Co-management is an ANR Online course containing topics and tools that will help you

  1. Identify common sustainability practices used in the agricultural production environment,
  2. Recognize management strategies that balance both food safety and sustainability goals, and
  3. Access ongoing resources to help evaluate common co-management strategies

Click here to access this course and generate a certificate of completion for continuing education purposes.  You will be asked to create an account, which requires a login id and password.  There is no cost for the course.

The online course may also be accessed by clicking here – this link does not require creating an account but will not provide a certificate.

An important component of the online course is the Co-Management Practices Tool.  This may be accessed at any time, and provides readily accessible information on conservation practices commonly used in agriculture’s production environment.

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