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Produce - Preharvest

California Dept. of Agriculture's Produce Safety Program (2018)

Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) Supporting family farms and their communities.

On-Farm Food Safety Project
This website includes a free online tool which generates customized on-farm food safety plans based on user input. The tool is designed for use by small to mid-scale fruit and vegetable growers and provides a full set of record keeping tools to document food safety programs.

Produce Safety Alliance (Cornell University)
The Produce Safety Alliance was established at Cornell University with funding from the USDA and FDA.  The Alliance has developed a nationwide curriculum, the National Good Agricultural Practices Program, to increase understanding of the principles of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and to facilitate the implementation of food safety practices on fresh fruit and vegetable farms and in packinghouses.  Includes educational materials - posters, booklets, photonovels, magnets, etc. in English, Spanish, and other languages.  

UC Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
Several publications on the key points of control and management of microbial food safety as part of the management plan of good agricultural practices for produces, handlers and processors of edible horticultural crops.

Produce Safety Rule and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Agricultural Water 

Commodity-Specific Food Safety Information





Controlled Environment

Culinary Herbs

Green Onions

Leafy Greens



Co-Management of Food Safety and Sustainability


GAPs Information Sites - Other Non-UC Sources

GAPs Training Opportunities

Online GAPS Course:

Management of Soil Amendments

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