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UC Food Safety
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UC Food Safety

Home Food Preservation

Up-to-date publications on food preservation methods, such as freezing and canning, available from the University of California and other land-grant institutions.

  • National Center for Home Food Preservation
    The NCHFP website contains science-based recommendations about a variety of meats, fruits and vegetables. Find expert advice on canning, freezing, drying, curing & smoking, fermenting, pickling, and making jams and jellies. Find information useful for home preservation for educators and home food preservers.
  • UC Home Preservation and Storage Publications
    UC publications discuss safe preservation and storage of a variety of fruits and vegetables (listed alphabetically by item).
  • Preserving Food at Home: A Self-Study  (University of Georgia) 
    An online self-study course on preserving food at home. Training modules include: “Introduction to Food Preservation”, “General Canning”, “Canning Acid Foods” and “Canning Low-Acid Foods”.  Register online.
  • Preserve@Home An online food preservation course.  (University of Idaho Extension) Teaches individuals how to safely preserve a variety of food products.

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Other Resources on Home Food Preservation

A comprehensive list of websites and PDF files discussing home food preservation.

University & Government Home Preservation Resources

A comprehensive list of University and Government websites and PDF files discussing home food preservation.

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