UC Food Safety
University of California
UC Food Safety

12th International Conference of Food Science and Technology

October 2nd & 3rd, 2018
Davis, California


Instructions for Preparing Abstracts 

  1. Abstracts should be written in clear and correct English and follow the guidelines outlined below. 
  1. Abstracts should be approved by all authors before submission. 
  1. All abstract submissions should list all authors, designate a person to be the presenter of the abstract, and designate a person to be the primary contact. 
  1. Format preferred — Check the box in the system to indicate technical (oral) or poster format. The Program Committee reserves the right to make the final determination of presentation format. 
  1. Category — Categories are used by the Program Committee to organize the posters and technical sessions. Please check the box in the system which best describes the category for which the abstract is suitable. Categories include: 1) food and culture; 2) food and health; 3) sustainability; 4) food technology; 5) food safety 
  1. Student Awards Competition — Check the box to indicate if the presenter is a student desiring to enter the competitions. For more information, see “Call for Entrants" in the Student Awards Competitions. 

Abstract — The abstract is limited to a maximum of 300 words. 

Original research abstracts should be in the following format. Do not include tables or figures or reference citations in the Abstract. 

Introduction: Provide background, statement of problem, or basis of the study. 

Purpose: State the purpose or objectives of the study. 

Methods: State the methodology used in the study. The methods should be specific enough that researchers in the same or similar field would understand the basic experimental design or approach. Research must be based on adequate and accepted scientific or educational practices. Numbers of samples, treatment levels, etc. should be explicitly stated. 

Results: Report specific results obtained in the study. Results should be summarized;. Percentages alone are not acceptable; sample sizes and sample weights or volumes should be included. Detection limits should be specified when stating that populations are below these limits. 

Significance: State the significance of the findings (1–2 sentences).


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